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Typesetting & Composition

ePaper Solution offers Typesetting services as one of our core functional expertise areas with a dedicated team of professionals experienced in Typesetting, Composition and Pagination. We manage all your text and images in a proper laid-out structure with page composition and typesetting services.
We have an in-house dedicated team of skilled compositors who have worked with the latest pagination software (with/without XML) and delivered key projects. Our team has the relevant experience and the capability of meeting stringent quality standards and deadlines for journals, magazines, and newspapers. They can cater to requirements for typesetting from 1-color to 4-color. Our typesetting department can deliver volume in competitive timeframes.
Our typesetting and page composition services involve conversion of raw, unformatted, handwritten manuscripts into consistent, structured, and ready-to-publish formats.

Our Typesetting services include:
  • Template Creation
  • Sample Designing
  • Page Composition
  • Journal Typesetting
  • Multilingual Typesetting
  • Proofreading

The Typesetting, Indexing and Composition services provided by ePaper Solution will help you benefit from our in-house prepress and production knowledge, achieve cost efficiencies for document layout, improve turnaround time and most importantly deliver high-quality published content.


ePaper Solution team has executed for the following end customers indirectly through some large service providers.