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Ourdesign studio caters to the requirements of end-to-end illustration and design solutions. Our artwork services are used to recreate charts, tables, graphs, maps, technical drawings, medical illustrations etc. We also improve the quality of the artwork by re-labeling, re-drawing and re-touching. In addition we handle all types of color separation artwork for:

  • Re-drawing (all types of hand sketching ,geographic, technical and medical drawing, science, and children books illustration)
  • Re-labeling (Raster/Vector processing)
  • Conversion (from any data file to .eps/.tiff)
  • Chem Draw for chemical structures
  • Digital proofing

Indisputably, image is one of the vital factors that make the readers fascinated towards the subject; it also makes the subject much more captivating. It would fail to fulfill its purpose if it is not accurate. 
We, at ePaper Solution, have several experts who do graphics and image processing services with the modern technologies, including Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop.


ePaper Solution team has executed for the following end customers indirectly through some large service providers.