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The Copyediting team at ePaper Solution is well versed with different style standards and strictly adheres to client-specific or author-specific guidelines. ePaper Solution prepares a style sheet for every 'Title' which is approved by the client before implementation.

Our Copyediting services include:
  • Checking text to ensure it is well written, logically structured and in the right style for the intended audience
  • Ensuring consistency in spelling, hyphenation, abbreviation and punctuation
  • Ensuring the text is in line with the publisher's 'house style' - for example, that hyphens, capital letters and optional spellings are used consistently
  • Verify the contents page against each chapters
  • Check the numbering of references/footnotes/end notes along with for technical accuracy and placement of citations
  • Check and provide captions for all tables and figures
  • Thorough reading of the manuscript for checking consistency in style, sense and structure; reconstruction and reorganization of text, if required The Copyediting services provided by ePaper Solution will help you reduce production cycle times, optimize production costs and operational efficiency, while delivering consistently high-quality published content.


ePaper Solution team has executed for the following end customers indirectly through some large service providers.