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ePaper Solution is one of the world’s fastest growing service providers of outsourcing services to publishers.
ePaper Solution’s success is attributed to our consistent quality, innovative delivery methods, and competitive pricing. We apply our understanding of market and industry forces to develop long-term macro-economic perspectives. Exceeding customer expectations and delivering exceptional value to our customers is our goal.


20 yrs of content services

  • Largest End to End ePublishing Service Provider in Eastern Part of India
  • Best Cost Effective Solutions on Offer Due to Advantageous Geographical Location
  • Long term relationships with many customers
  • Speedy Turnaround Time & Quick Results
  • Successful Track Record of 6 Years Serving Esteemed World Class Customer

In depth understanding of digital poweress

  • Robust Quality Control System
  • Specialized in Speeding Delivery at Lower Cost
  • Flexible Project Delivery Schedule
  • Core Technical Team for Tool and Automation
  • Tighter Production Quality Management System
  • Specialized in Handling Mathematical project

many global top 50 clientele

  • Lively Team of 100+ Highly Qualified Experienced Professionals with Diverse Skills Delivering Impeccable Quality
  • Multi-Lingual Conversion Capabilities - English, Dutch, French, German, Greek and Italian etc.
  • An overall Project Manager will be in charge of Project Team and will interact with the client.
  • Generation of Daily Quality Assurance Report
  • Establish work transparency and real time job tracking
1100 strong highly skilled workforce

  • 1. ePaper Solution has launched it's website on 20th June 2016.
  • 2. Join ePaper Solution in Frankfurt Book Fair Germany 2016.
  • 3. ePaper Solution Win ISO 9001:2015 Organisation.


ePaper Solution team has executed for the following end customers indirectly through some large service providers.